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Display homes are built and styled to give potential customers a better idea of what living in a house of that type could look like in the future, but for many potential first home buyers, display homes can feel a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The fact that you’re reading this article is a great first step! Below are some questions that we believe you should ask the next time you visit a display home.

Will my home look the same as the display home?

Display homes are often the best version of a particular home and are designed to catch the eye of visitors the moment they walk in. They may have slightly larger living rooms, higher ceilings and /or premium fittings and fixtures that may not be included if you were to build the same home. Not to forget that display homes are professionally and regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure that everything remains in the best condition possible. The best idea would be to talk to the friendly sales consultant to discuss what is and isn’t included.

How long will it take to build my house?

The time it will take to build your home will depend on a multitude of factors. For example, building a two-storey home will take longer than building a single storey home due to additional staircase, walls, ceiling, roofing etc that is required. Other factors that may impact the timeline include the time it takes to gain approval from the council, the complexity of the design, the slope of the land and weather impacts.

Please be advised that some customers may also face a slight delay due to the current residential construction boom, the coronavirus pandemic and/or supply chain delays with certain products. But think of it this way: it is a sign your builder is not just trying to rush through a job but is instead of taking the necessary time and measures to ensure your home is built correctly and to high standards.

Can I go on-site during the construction of my house?

Homeowners and their agents have the right to visit the building site, however, it is vital that this access be controlled and subject to scheduled supervised visits to avoid workplace health and safety incidents and defective work. WINNING First Homes would be happy to discuss this in-depth with you at any time. We can also provide information on the measures we are taking to keep our sites safe during COVID-19.

What financing is available for first home buyers?

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), administered by RevenueWA, is a one-off payment to assist first home buyers to purchase or building a new residential property for use as their principal place of residence.

The grant is $10,000 or the consideration paid to buy or build the house is less than that amount. To be eligible for the grant, you must satisfy certain criteria. This includes (but is not limited to) each applicant being 18 years or over at the date of making an application and at least one of the applicants being an Australian citizen or permanent resident at the date of making an application).

At WINNING, we have the expert knowledge and experience needed to assist you in determining your eligibility for the FHOG and can even help you apply. For more information on how we can help first home buyers with financing visit here.

Lastly, don’t forget to also ask plenty of questions about the builder. For example: How long has the builder been operating, what does the builder value and is the builder local?

A good builder is one that has built up a good reputation, has experience in the industry, is committed to providing excellent customer service and has a commitment to sustainability.
It is also a good idea to choose a Perth-based builder, that way they will be well versed in the local building environment, regulations and support the employment of local tradespersons.
WINNING First Homes are backed by 30 years of building experience. Our number one priority is you and making the process of building your first home as smooth and as seamless as possible.
We have a range of stunning display homes which are available to visit by appointment. For more information, visit our display home page and check out our Instagram. Additionally, if you have any further questions on any of the above topics or others, don’t hesitate to contact us today!